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Cultural activities

Soños (Dreams)

30 November

Soños is the first Galician play that deals with the situation of foster care youth in a comprehensive way. It’s a fun, enjoyable and amazing show, yet displaying great social strength. A very realistic and highly paced fiction arousing out of the direct contact of the author and director with faster care youth and IGAXES educators, bringing their experiences to the stage. Soños is a window into the reality of youth at risk of exclusion. We are shown their context, their aspirations, their fears. It’s a show that will very easily touch a nerve string in adult and young audience.


Exhibition Hall at the University of Vigo in Ourense
From 29 November to 30 December 2023
Room schedule

Resalire is a photography project by the artist Fuco Reyes, through which he aims to bring us closer to the intimacy, dreams and imagined future of girls and boys in foster care. The project is based on some previous work with girls and boys, which sought the freedom of expression, captured by the photographer in a series of 14 portraits. Each image emerges through a conversation between the artist and the photographed person, along with a small text.