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Full rate €100.00
Reduced rate €50.00

For students, large families, the long-term unemployed or Association of Entities Jóvenes e Inclusión.

Free rate €0.00

For those who have been in the child protection system.

For speakers and participants in round tables.

Pay the registration fee

Before registering, you must make the bank transfer of your fee according to the sort of registration and the selected rate.

Bank receipt .pdf

Bank – La Caixa

Bank Account No. ES19 2100 6430 3513 0037 9993

Concept – Your full name


    Type of registration

    Ordinary fee - €100.00 (until 15 October 2023)

    Attach bank receipt (PDF format. Maximum size 2Mb)

    Ordinary fee: €50.00 (until 15 October 2023)

    Attach document (formato PDF. Tamaño máximo 2Mb)

    Students - Certificate of Enrollment.
    Long-term unemployed - Proof of registration in the Public Employment Service of Galicia.
    Large family – Proof of Large Family Card.
    Association of Entities Youth and Integration - Certificate issued by the entity.

    Attach bank receipt (PDF format. Maximum size 2Mb)

    Fee: 0,00€ (until 15 October 2023)

    Attach document (PDF format. Maximum size 2Mb)

    Child protection system - Proof of the report or certificate.
    Speakers and participants - Proof of invitation letter.

    Select your preferences
    Wednesday, 29 November 2023

    ➜ 12:00 AM

    ➜ 13:00 AM
    Mesa redonda “Good practices for labour integration”

    ➜ 16:00 PM

    Thursday 30/11/2023

    ➜ 09:30 AM

    ➜ 10:30 AM
    ROUND TABLE “Good practices for the participation model”

    ➜ 12:45 AM

    ➜ 16:00 PM

    ➜ 17:00 PM

    ➜ 18:30 PM
    ROUND TABLE “Good practices in transition programs to adult life”

    ➜ 20:30 PM

    Friday 01/12/2023

    ➜ 09:30 AM

    We're looking forward to seeing you in Ourense on 29 November.